Please read and confirm you accept our standard Terms and Conditions, required for you, as Clients in order to benefit of our services.


  1. Overview

    1. Before making a reservation request on our website, (hereinafter referred to as "SITE"), we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of use of this Site, presented below. You will find important information about our policy but also your rights and obligations, as users of the site. Once accepted, you will be able to benefit from the services offered by PAULCOS SERVICES SRL.
    2. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL, as author / owner / administrator of the Site, reserves its right to change and update its content at any time (including the Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Cookie Policy), in any way whatsoever without any prior notification; these changes shall enter into force immediately after publication / posting on the Site. Due to this fact, please visit this section periodically to verify the terms and conditions you have agreed to respect as they are presented and updated.
    3. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL, the operator and owner of the Site is a limited liability company, established in Romania, being registered at the National Trade Register Office under number J40 / 3736/2006, having the Unique Tax Registration Code RO 18450598, company registered for the purposes VAT. The registered office of the Company is in Bucharest, 104 Dristor, block 15B, unit B, ap.56, Disctirict 3. The bank account of the Company is opened at Raiffeisen Bank and has the number: RO68RZBR0000060007666049. Our contact telephone number is +40 722 147 052 ​​and our email address is:
    4. The company is authorized ARR for transportation in rental regime, having the authorization no. 0003013 dated 04.12.2009.
    5. The company uses vehicles from its own fleet as well as from employees / third parties (hereinafter referred to as "SUPPLIERS").
  2. Contract terms and conditions

    1. These terms and conditions create a contract (hereinafter referred to as "CONTRACT"), having as object transport services provided by PAULCOS SERVICES SRL (hereinafter "COMPANY") to individuals or companies (hereinafter referred to as the "CUSTOMER"/ "CLIENT").
    2. Please read the Contract carefully. Continued use of all services offered by the Company constitutes an agreement and acceptance of this Agreement.
    3. The contract for the provision of the transport services will be concluded, by accepting the terms and conditions of use of this Site, between you and our Company. If, for any reason, you do not agree to these Terms of Use or do not wish to adhere to them, you must not access or use our site.
    4. If you do not agree with the data of the Contract and do not want this contractual commitment, you cannot benefit from the services offered by our Company and you will not have the possibility to place an order on or through our website.
    5. Reservation requests on or through the site are destinated only for users having the age of over 18 years.
  3. Booking and cancellation

    1. For different reasons, the Company may refuse to accept any reservation.
    2. The Company will make all reasonable efforts to provide vehicles in good working condition, according to the type specified by the Customer in the reservation or, if such a vehicle is not available, an alternative option, even if it is of higher capacity, without to changing the tariff.
    3. By making the reservation request, you confirm that you agree, by all points of view, with these terms and conditions and with the changes that may occur after making the reservation and also that you can pay, confirm, modify or cancel the reservation request.
    4. In order to send a reservation request for a transport service from our site, you must fill in all the fields from the reservation form. All the fields in the reservation form are mandatory.
    5. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Making a reservation within this period does not guarantee the successful allocation of a vehicle; there is a chance not to have vehicles available. A reservation request does not mean a valid reservation. The Company will make all efforts to confirm reservations, but will not be able to guarantee 100% availability of the reserved vehicle. If by any reason, we cannot confirm the reservation, we will notify the Customer in good time. By accepting these conditions the Client understands and agrees that the impossibility of confirming a reservation excludes the possibility of the Client to claim damages of any kind.
    6. After launching the reservation request, you will receive on the email address you entered in the reservation form, a summary of the ordered service, the related price, as well as the selected payment method. Immediately after the payment confirmation, you will also receive the confirmation message of your order. If you have not received the confirmation message, the order is not completed.
    7. If a person makes a reservation and a payment for the rental of a means of transport for a group, it will be considered that the respective person is the representative of the group and that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions on behalf of all.
    8. The Client must inform us when making a reservation request, through the order form, with regard to the "other information" section, if he wishes to travel with pets. Pets must be transported in special transport boxes. The Customer must ensure that the pet will not affect the safety of the other passengers and that it will not cause any damage to the car, answering for any damage caused to the Company. The company reserves the right to cancel a reservation, at the pick-up point, if it has not been informed about the client's requirement to race with one or more pets in the vehicle.
    9. The customer must inform us when making a reservation request, through the order form, in the "other information" section, if he wishes to carry additional luggage or additional, bulky equipment, together with their details and dimensions. This information helps us identify an appropriate vehicle to honor this order. For such requests the Customer may be charged extra.
    10. By completing and submitting the order form you declare that you agree and accept the calculation method and the price for the requested service. The additional taxes charged for will be communicated to the Customer, once the order is confirmed, in the summary of the ordered service referred to in art. 3.6, based on the information contained in the reservation request. Failure to indicate details such as those referred to in art 3.7. - 3.9. can lead to the cancellation of the order by the Company, in the conditions in which the order cannot be honored because of the Client. The confirmation of the order by the Company implies the acceptance of the order under the conditions indicated in the reservation form.
    11. Requests for the cancellation of the reservation of a service ordered on our Website, must be sent by you, in writing, to the e-mail address and will have effect only if such requests are received and confirmed by our Company. The acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the email address from which you send the request when the request is received.
    12. In the case of cancellations, the amount paid in advance will be refunded only if the cancellation occurred at least 12 hours before the date and time of the takeover.
    13. For cancellations occurring with less than 12 hours, but not more than 6 hours before the date and time of the pick-up, the customer accepts that he will only return 50% of the amount paid in advance.
    14. The bank charges related to the refund of the amounts referred to in art. 3.12. or 3.13. the above will be fully supported by the Client. If the fees related to the payment are equal to or greater than the amount to be returned to the client, this operation will no longer be performed. By accepting these conditions the client understands and agrees to this provision.
    15. For cancellations that occurred less than 6 hours before the trip, the Client accepts that the amount paid in advance will not be returned. By accepting these conditions the client understands and agrees to this provision.
    16. In cases of force majeure or fortuitous case our company may cancel at any time the reservation of a service ordered on our Site. In this case, the client's money will be returned in full, at PAULCOS SERVICES SRL's expense, without payment of other damages.
    17. The refound of the amounts paid in advance is made within 14 bussines days.
  4. Prices, payment methods and invoice

    1. The prices of the services displayed on the website include V.A.T. according to law.

    2. Payment of the services offered by our Company is made in full in advance, only after confirmation of the reservation request. Payment is made on the basis of the invoice issued by the Company, before performing the ordered transport service.

    3. The prices of the services offered by our Company are per vehicle, not per Person.

    4. The price and the payment method, for each reservation request will be displayed on our Website, in the order form, before sending the reservation request. Our company will issue to the Client an invoice for the services to be provided, the Client's obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice according to the legislation in force.

    5. Payment methods:
      • Online card payment: for this method of payment we use the mobile payment service of the electronic payment processor of NETOPIA Payments SRL (www. Http:// For the moment, only Visa and Mastercard are accepted for payment. You will receive an invoice and a payment link via email.
        By completing the order with the Online payment method, the Customer agrees to use a credit card or debit card that he owns or is authorized to use and also that they have sufficient funds to cover the value of the reserved services (we will charge immediately the card with an amount equal to the value of the ordered services).
        We reserve the right to obtain the validation of your credit card or debit card before confirming the requested service. In case the validation cannot be obtained and the payment is not made, we reserve the right to refuse your reservation request.
      • Bank transfer: on the invoice you will find all the data regarding our bank account. You have to keep in mind that a bank transfer can take 2-5 business days.
      • Cash to the driver
      • POS to the driver
    6. The prices of our services may be subject to change without prior notice.
    7. The prices will not change when you place an order and will not change after you receive the confirmation of the valid reservation.
  5. Responsibility

    1. It is the Client's responsibility to provide a valid telephone number, which includes the country code, for a quick communication.
    2. The Customer agrees that all the data provided by him at the time of placing the reservation request, necessary for the payment and transport process, are correct, complete and true.
    3. The consumption of alcohol, substances prohibited by law and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the vehicles of our Company.
    4. Do not present yourself at a meeting with the Supplier or driver, under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of substances prohibited by law (drugs). The Supplier / Driver can refuse the clients' boarding and will not perform the ordered transport service, if he considers that it may be endangered by the behavior of one or more Clients/ passengers, without returning the amount paid in advance.
    5. It is strictly forbidden for Customers' luggage to contain: weapons (except for those weapons for which there is authorization according to the law), dangerous material, flammable substances, which could endanger the safety of passengers or traffic, or if the luggage transported contravenes the specific laws in forceof any country.
    6. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Transfer & luggage

    1. The transfer begins at the date, time and the address of pickup, entered by you in the order request and ends at the destination address, entered by you in the order request.
    2. The transport services offered by our Company are performed ONLY on asphalted road sectors (we do not offer off-road services).
    3. The driver will make all reasonable efforts to reach the pick-up address at the time specified in the booking request, but considering the possibility of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances that we cannot foresee (eg floods, closed roads, traffic jams, strikes), situations that cannot be managed, the pick up time is not guaranteed.
    4. There are situations (objective reasons such as the size of the vehicle, access conditions, pedestrian streets, police restrictions or weather conditions) when the car cannot reach the pick-up address or the destination address. In these cases, the driver will will take / leave you at the nearest access point.
    5. If you want to arrive at your destination at a certain time we can recommend you the pick up time.
    6. The company will not be liable for the damages caused by the delay in reaching the destination in cases of unforeseen circumstances and / or by force majeure.
    7. Each passenger has the right to carry only one luggage. When selecting the vehicle following the steps in the order form, you will find its capacity (number of persons and number of luggage). If your luggage exceeds the capacity of the selected vehicle, please select a larger vehicle or an additional vehicle.
    8. In case, at the moment of taking over, the Supplier / Driver sent by the Company to carry out the race for the Customer, finds out that the number of luggage is too high and exceeds the capacity of the vehicle, he can refuse the clients' boarding and to perform the transport service ordered, without to return the amount paid in advance.
    9. From to the date and time selected by you in the order form as the moment of taking over, the maximum waiting time is 60 minutes. In case the term of 60 minutes is exceed, the Customer will have to contact our Company and pay any additional costs. If the connection between you and our Company cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the order without returning the amount paid in advance.
    10. Our company has its headquarters and garage in Bucharest. In the event that the vehicles are damaged during the race and such damages cannot be remedied on the spot, we will have to send another vehicle, even if it is of a larger capacity, to continue the race. Depending on the location of the defective vehicle, you may have to wait even a few hours, because, as mentioned above, the Company's garage is in Bucharest. The company cannot compensate you in case such incidents occurs, as this is out of our control. In case you do not agree with this provision of the Contract, you cannot benefit from the services offered by our Company.
  7. Fraud & litigation

    1. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site and any fraud attempt will be reported to the competent authorities.
    2. Performing unauthorized operations on this site and attempting to perform them, including but not limited to: abusive use, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification, copying of information for their marketing, blocking access, etc., will be reported to be punished according to the law.
    3. We will try to solve amicably, by agreement between the two parties, any conflict that has arisen between the company and its customers. In case this is not possible, Romanian legal provisions will be applied and the conflict will be solved by the Romanian competent courts.
    4. Coyright: The entire content of the Site (images, texts, graphics, logos, databases, scripts) is the property of PAULCOS SERVICES SRL and is protected by the law for the protection of the copyright provided by the Romanian law. The use of the elements listed above without the consent of PAULCOS SERVICES SRL is punished according to the laws in force.
    5. The content of the Site, in whole and / or in part, may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold or exploited for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of PAULCOS SERVICES SRL.
    6. The Site contains information and offers that can be updated. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL does not guarantee that on the Website, the servers on which it is hosted or the e-mails sent from cannot infiltrate viruses or other potentially harmful computer components.
    7. The user uses the Website at his own risk, PAULCOS SERVICES SRL being free from any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use or access / visit of the Site or as a result of using the information on the Site.
    8. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL is not responsible for errors or omissions that may occur in the written materials or presentation on the Site. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL does not give any guarantee for the content and use of this Site. The published information corresponds to the reality at the time of their registration on the Site or of the updating pages of the Site.
    9. The use of the website represents the acceptance of the ones mentioned above.
  8. Information on customer data security

    1. It is our Company’s policy to request our registered Clients no more than the information considered as the minimum necessary and indispensable for the fulfillment of the Contract's object. Categories of personal data processed might be: the Client’s company identification details/ the Client’s name, surname, series, number ID, date of birth, mobile / fixed phone number, headquarters/ home address, location, an online identifier, email address, bank account, an e-mail address and a corresponding password of your choice. These are sufficient in order to enable your registration on our Site. Some details are justified to enable us to process refunds due to cancelations processed according to the Terms and Conditions from the Site.
    2. The Clients, registered Users, shall be able to update such details. Details provided shall be used, monitored and processed by The Company for the execution of the Contract's or to improve its services, but shall not be divulged to third parties, with the following exceptions:
      • In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, too assist and contribute to the fulfillment of the object and the obligations of the Contract, the personal data collected under the Agreement may be transmitted and disclosed to certain partners that Company has contractual relations with.
      • There are cases when such details need to be shared with the to the public institutions (eg ANAF) in order to meet the requrements regarding reporting obligations and filing the statements provided by law or other competent authorities in order to verify transactions and in relation to measures implemented for the prevention of fraud.
    3. The personal data of our Clients are processed by the Company in a legal, fair and transparent manner towards the data subject.
    4. It is not the Company’s policy to send unsolicited mail, Junk E-Mail or Spam.
    5. You can choose to receive marketing e-mails or text messages with our offers, confirming and giving special consent to receipt of such information.
    6. The basis of personal data processing is the consent of the Provider expressed in this Privacy Policy.  Using our services in this conditions represents the agreement of the Client regarding the personal data processing, valid until the opposition expressed in accordance with Regulation no. 679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the personal data processing of and on the free movement of such data. 
    7. The exercise of any rights provided by the Regulation no. 679/2016 will take place in accordance with the applicable legislation.
      Client's rights are:
      • The right to be informed
      • The right of access
      • The right to rectification
      • The right to be forgotten
      • The right to restrict processing
      • The right to portability
      • The right to opposition
      • Rights regarding the profiling activity and the automatic decisions taken based on the creation of profiles.
    8. The respect of each of these rights is ensured by the possibility granted to the Client to send us relevant requests to the email address, the Company having to ensure the response to the requests of the data subject within the term provided by the GDPR.
      The withdrawal of the Client’s consent above mentioned may take place at any time, simple and without the submission of a justification, by submitting a request to that effect.  Such request may be done by sending an e-mail to the address
    9. It is estimated that the personal data processing of will take place until the moment the Client withdraws its consent regarding data processing or for a maximum of 5 years if no consent / withdrawal of the consent is made.  Data may be retained after the expiration of the term or after the withdrawal of the consent if there is a legitimate interest, a legal obligation or another legal basis (such as litigation or legal provisions on archiving, reporting obligations, etc.).
    10. The Company shall periodically evaluate and update the security measures implemented in such a way that the security and safety of the personal data processing are ensured and the access of unauthorized persons to such data is avoided.
    11. Should it be required to use your data in unanticipated ways we shall first contact you by e-mail or by phone giving you the option to opt-out at your wish.
    12. We recommend that Clients read the information herein before recording on our Site as Users.
  9. Privacy Policy

    1. The Company undertakes on its own behalf and on behalf of its personnel to preserve confidentiality towards third parties (with the exceptions provided above in the article 8.2.) and not to disclose under any form and using any means, and not to use in any way, either directly or indirectly, for its own benefit or for the benefit of others, any materials, acts, data, information resulting from/regarding/in relation to the personal data of its Clients.
    2. If any Client feels that our site is not following its stated Privacy Policy, we ask him/her to inform us by sending an e-mail to the address
    3. Also, the Client undertakes not make any unauthorized use, reproduction, and/or distribution of any Confidential information as the registration of the route taken (including on the Internet and/or on all social media and the like). The Client understands that using cameras or video cameras or other recording devices during travel is strictly prohibited unless expressly permitted by the Company.  Further, failure to comply with these policies may result, without limitation, to the termination of this Contract and Company´s services herunder.
    4. Registering on the Site of the Company implies that you have read and accepted the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Va rugam sa cititi si confirmati acceptarea Termenelor si Conditiilor standard aplicabile Clientilor nostri pentru a beneficia de serviciile noastre.


  1. Prezentare

    1. Inainte de a face o cerere de rezervarea pe website-ul nostru, (denumit in continuare “SITE”), va recomandam sa cititi cu atentie termenii si conditiile de utilizare ale acestui Site, prezentate mai jos. Veti regasi informatii importante despre politica noastra dar si drepturile si obligatiile Dvs., in calitate de utilizatori ai site-ului. Odata acceptate, veti putea beneficia de serviciile oferite de PAULCOS SERVICES SRL.
    2. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL, in calitate de autor/proprietar/administrator al Site-ului, isi rezerva dreptul de a schimba si actualiza in orice moment continutul sau (inclusiv  Politica de confidentialitate, Termenii si conditiile de folosire, Politica de cookie), fara niciun fel de notificare prealabila, aceste modificari intrand in vigoare imediat dupa publicare/ afisare pe Site. Datorita acestui fapt, va rugam sa vizitati periodic aceasta sectiune pentru a verifica termenii si conditiile pe care ati agreat sa le respectati astfel cum sunt prezentate si actualizate.
    3. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL, operatorul si proprietarul Site-ului este o societate cu raspundere limitata, infiintata in Romania,  fiind inregistrata la Oficiul National  al Registrului  Comertului sub numarul J40/3736/2006, avand Codul Unic de Inregistrare fiscala RO 18450598, companie inregistrata in scopuri de  TVA.  Sediul social al Companiei este in Bucuresti, Str. Dristor nr. 104, bl.15B, sc. B, ap.56, Sector 3. Contul bancar al Companiei este deschis la Raiffeisen Bank si are numarul: RO68RZBR0000060007666049. Numarul nostru de telefon de contact este +40 722 147 052 si adresa noastra de email este:
    4. Compania este autorizata ARR pentru transport in regim de inchiriere, avand autorizatia cu nr. 0003013 din data de 04.12.2009.
    5. Compania foloseste autovehicule din flota proprie dar si de la colaboratori/terti (denumiti  in continuare “FURNIZORI”).
  2. Termene si conditii contractuale

    1. Acești termeni și condiții creează un contract (denumit in continuare “CONTRACTUL”), avand drept obiect servicii de transport furnizate de PAULCOS SERVICES SRL ( denumita in continuare “COMPANIA”) catre persoane fizice sau juridice (denumite  in continuare “CLIENT”).
    2. Vă rugăm sa citiți Contractul cu atenție. Continuarea utilizării tuturor serviciilor oferite de Companie  constituie o înțelegere și acceptare a prezentului Contract.
    3. Contractul pentru furnizarea serviciilor de transport  va fi incheiat, prin acceptarea termenilor si conditiilor de utilizare ale acestui Site, intre Dvs. si Compania noastra. În cazul în care, din orice motiv, nu sunteți de acord cu acești Termeni de utilizare sau nu doriți să aderați la ei, va trebui să nu accesați sau să nu utilizați site-ul nostru.
    4. In cazul in care nu sunteti de acord cu datele Contractului si nu doriti acest angajament contractual, nu puteti beneficia de serviciile oferite de Compania noastra si nu veti avea posibilitatea de a plasa o comanda pe sau prin intermediul site-ul nostru.
    5. Cererile de rezervare pe sau prin intermediul site-ului  sunt destinate numai utilizatorilor cu varsta de minim 18 ani.
  3. Rezervare si anulare

    1. Din diferite motive, Compania poate refuza acceptarea oricarei rezervari.
    2. Compania va depune toate eforturile rezonabile pentru a oferi autovehicule în stare bună de funcționare, conform tipului specificat de Client în rezervare sau, în cazul în care un astfel de autovehicul nu este disponibil, o varianta alternativa, chiar daca este de capacitate mai mare, fara a se modifica tariful.
    3. Prin efectuarea cererii  de rezervare, Dvs. confirmati ca intelegeti sa fiti de acord din toate punctele de vedere cu acesti termeni si conditii si cu modificarile ce pot interveni dupa efectuarea rezervarii  si deasemena, ca puteti plati, confirma, modifica sau anula cererea de  rezervare.
    4. Pentru a trimite o cerere de rezervare a unui serviciu de transport de pe site-ul nostru, trebuie sa urmati pasii corespunzatori din formularul de rezervare si sa completati toate campurile. Toate rubricile din formularul de rezervare sunt obligatorii.
    5. Rezervarile trebuie facute cu cel putin 24 de ore in avans. Efectuarea unei rezervari in acest termen nu garanteza alocarea cu succes a unui autovehicul, existand posibilitatea de a nu avea autovehicule disponibile. O cerere de rezervare nu inseamna o rezervare valida. Compania va depune toate eforturile  pentru a confirma  rezervarile, dar nu va putea garanta o disponibilitate de 100% a autovehiculului rezervat. In cazul in care, din orice motiv, nu putem confirma rezervarea, vom anunta Clientul in timp util. Prin acceptarea acestor conditii clientul intelege si este de acord ca imposibilitatea confirmarii unei rezervari exclude posibilitatea Clientului de a pretinde despagubiri de orice natura.
    6. Ulterior lansarii cererii de rezervare, veti primi pe adresa de email pe care ati introdus-o in formularul de rezervare, un sumar al serviciului comandat, pretul aferent, precum si modalitatea de plata selectata.  Imediat dupa confirmarea platii, veti primi si mesajul de confirmare al comenzii Dvs. Daca nu ati primit mesajul de confirmare, comanda nu este finalizata.
    7. Daca o persoana face o rezervare si o plata pentru inchirierea unui mijloc de transport pentru un grup, se va considera ca persoana respectiva este reprezentantul  grupului si ca a citit si a acceptat termenii si conditiile in numele tuturor.
    8. Clientul trebuie sa ne informeze în momentul în care face o cerere de rezervare, prin intermediul  formularului de comanda, la rubrica “alte informatii”, dacă doreste  să călătorească cu animale de companie. Animalele de companie trebuie să fie transportate în custi speciale de transport. Clientul trebuie sa se asigure ca animalul de companie nu va afecta siguranta celorlalti pasageri si ca acesta nu va produce niciun fel de stricaciune masinii, raspunzand pentru orice paguba pricinuita Companiei. Compania își rezervă dreptul de a anula o rezervare, la punctul de preluare, în cazul în care nu a fost informată cu privire la cerința clientului de a efectua cursa cu unul sau mai multe animale de companie în autovehicul.
    9. Clientul trebuie sa ne informeze în momentul în care face o cerere de rezervare, prin intermediul  formularului de comanda, la rubrica “alte informatii” , daca doreste sa transporte bagaje sau echipamente suplimentare,  voluminoase, impreuna cu detaliile si dimensiunile acestora.  Aceasta informatie ne ajuta la identificarea unui vehicul corespunzator pentru a onora aceasta comanda. Pentru astfel de cereri Clientul poate fi taxat suplimentar.
    10. Prin completarea si transmiterea formularului de comanda declarati ca sunteti de acord si acceptati modul de calcul si pretul pentru serviciul solicitat.  Taxele suplimentare percepute pentru vor fi comunicate Clientului, odata cu confirmarea comenzii, in sumarul serviciului comandat vizat in art. 3.6, pe baza informatiilor cuprinse in cererea de rezervare.  Omisiunea indicarii unor detalii precum cele vizate la art 3.7. - 3.9. pot duce la anularea comenzii de catre Companie, in conditiile in care comanda nu poate fi onorata din culpa Clientului.  Confirmarea comenzii de catre Companie implica acceptarea comenzii in conditiile indicate in formularul de rezervare. 
    11. Cererile pentru anularea rezervarii unui serviciu comandat pe Site-ul nostru,  trebuie trimise de catre Dvs, in scris, pe adresa de e-mail si vor avea efect doar daca sunt primite si confirmate de Compania noastra. Confirmarea de primire va va surveni pe adresa de email de pe care transmiteti solicitarea in momentul receptionarii cererii formulate.
    12. In cazul anularilor, se va restitui suma platita in avans doar daca anularea a survenit cu minim 12 ore inainte de data si ora preluarii.
    13. Pentru anularile survenite cu mai putin de 12 ore, dar nu mai mult de 6 ore inainte de data si ora preluarii, clientul accepta ca i  se va returna doar  50% din suma platita in avans.
    14. Taxele bancare aferente restituirii sumelor vizate la art. 3.12. sau 3.13. de mai sus vor fi suportate integral de catre Client. Daca taxele aferente platii sunt egale sau mai mari decat suma ce trebuie restituita clientului, aceasta operatiune nu se va mai efectua.  Prin acceptarea acestor conditii clientul intelege si este de acord cu aceasta prevedere.
    15. Pentru anularile survenite cu mai putin de 6 ore inaintea calatoriei, Clientul accepta ca nu i se va returna suma platita in avans. Prin acceptarea acestor conditii clientul intelege si este de acord cu aceasta prevedere.
    16. In cazuri de forta majora sau caz fortuit compania noastra  poate anula in orice moment rezervarea unui serviciu comandat pe Site-ul nostru. In acest caz se vor returna integral banii clientului, pe cheltuiala PAULCOS SERVICES SRL, fara plata altor despagubiri.
    17. Returnarea sumelor platite in avans se face in termen de 14 zile lucratoare.
  4. Preturi, modalitati de plata si facturare

    1. Preturile serviciilor afisate in cadrul site-ului includ T.V.A. conform legislatiei in vigoare.

    2. Plata serviciilor oferite de Compania noastra se face integral in avans, doar dupa confirmarea cererii de rezervare. Plata se face pe baza facturii emise de Companie, inainte de efectuarea serviciului de transport comandat.

    3. Preturile serviciilor oferite de Compania noastra sunt per autovehicul, nu per Persoana.

    4. Pretul si modalitatea de plata, pentru fiecare cerere de rezervare in parte, vor fi afisate pe Site-ul nostru, in formularul de comanda,  inainte de a trimite cererea de rezervare. Compania noastra va emite catre Client o factura pentru serviciile ce urmeaza a fi prestate, obligatia Clientului fiind sa furnizeze toate informatiile necesare emiterii facturii conform legislatiei in vigoare.

    5. Modalitati de plata:
      • Plata cu cardul online: pentru aceasta metoda de plata folosim serviciul mobilPay al procesatorului de plati electronice al NETOPIA Payments SRL (www. ). Pentru moment se accepta la plata doar carduri Visa si Mastercard. Veti primi pe email factura si un link de plata.
        Prin finalizarea comenzii cu metoda de plata Online payment, Clientul consimte ca foloseste un card de credit sau un card de debit  pe care il detine sau este autorizat sa-l foloseasca si de asemenea ca sunt fonduri suficiente pentru a acoperi valoarea serviciilor rezervate (vom debita imediat cardul cu o suma egala cu valoarea serviciilor comandate).
        Ne rezervam dreptul de a obtine validarea cartii dvs. de credit sau card de debit înainte de a va confirma serviciul solicitat. In cazul in care validarea nu poate fi obtinuta si plata nu se face, ne rezervam dreptul de a refuza cererea dvs. de rezervare.
      • Trasfer bancar: pe factura veti regasi toate datele privind contul nostru bancar. Trebuie sa tineti cont de faptul ca un transfer bancar poate avea o durata de 2- 5 zile lucratoare.
      • Plata cash la sofer
      • Plata cu cardul prin POS la sofer
    6. Preturile serviciilor noastre pot suferi modificari fara o notificare in prealabil.
    7. Preturile nu se vor schimba in momentul in care faceti o comanda si nu se vor modifica dupa ce ati primit confirmarea rezervarii valide.
  5. Responsabilitate

    1. Este responsabilitatea Clientului sa ofere un numar de telefon valid, ce include si prefixul tarii, pentru a putea comunica rapid.
    2. Clientul consimte ca toate datele furnizate de acesta la data plasarii cererii de rezervare, necesare procesului de plata si de efectuare a transportului, sunt corecte, complete si adevarate.
    3. Consumul de alcool, de substante interzise prin lege si fumatul sunt strict interzise in interiorul autovehiculelor Companiei noastre.
    4. Nu va prezentati la intalnirea cu Furnizorul sau conducatorul auto,  sub influenta alcoolului sau sub influenta substantelor interzise prin lege (droguri) . Furnizorul/Conducatorul auto poate refuza imbarcarea clientilor si nu va efectua serviciul de transport comandat,  daca el considera ca poate fi pus in pericol de comportamentul Clientului unuia sau mai multor pasageri, fara a se returna suma platita in avans.
    5. Este strict interzis ca bagajele Clientilor sa contina: arme (exceptie facand acele arme pentru care exista autorizatie conform legii), material periculoase, substante inflamabile, care ar putea pune in pericol siguranta pasagerilor sau a circulatiei, sau daca bagajele transportate contravin legilor in vigoare specifice oricarei tari.
    6. Copiii sub 14 ani trebuie sa fie insotiti de un adult.
  6. Transfer & bagaje

    1. Transferul incepe la data, ora si adresa de preluare, introduse de Dvs in cererea de comanda si se incheie la adresa de destinatie, introdusa de Dvs in cererea de comanda.
    2. Serviciile de transport oferite de Compania noastra se efectueaza DOAR pe  sectoare de drum asfaltate (nu oferim servicii de off-road).
    3. Soferul va intreprinde toate eforturile rezonabile pentru a ajunge la adresa de preluare la ora specificata in cererea de rezervare, dar avand in vedere posibilitatea unor situatii insurmontabile, de forta majora sau caz fortuit  pe care nu le putem prevedea  (ex: inundatii, drumuri inchise, blocaje in trafic, greve), situatii ce nu pot fi gestionate,  ora preluarii nu este garantata.
    4. Exista situatii (in care din motive obiective cum ar fi dimensiunile autovehiculului, conditiile de acces, strazi pietonale, restrictii ale politiei sau conditii meteorologice) cand masina nu poate ajunge la adresa de preluare sau la adresa de destinatie. In aceste cazuri, soferul va va prelua/lasa la cel mai apropiat punct de acces.
    5. Daca doriti sa ajungeti la destinatie la o anumita ora va putem recomanda ora de preluare.
    6.   Compania nu va răspunde pentru prejudiciile cauzate prin întârzierea ajungerii la destinaţie in situatii de caz fortuit şi/ sau de forţa majora.
    7. Fiecare pasager are dreptul sa transporte un singur bagaj. La momentul selectarii autovehicului urmand pasii din formularul de comanda, veti regasi capacitatea acestuia (numar de persoane si numar de bagaje).  In cazul in care bagajele Dvs depasesc capacitatea vehicului selectat, va rugam sa selectati un vehicul cu capacitate mai mare sau un vehicul suplimentar.
    8. In cazul in care, la momentul preluarii, Furnizorul/Conducatorul auto insarcinat de Companie sa efectueze cursa pentru Client,  constata ca numarul bagajelor este prea mare si se depaseste capacitatea vehicului, acesta poate refuza imbarcarea clientilor si nu va efectua serviciul de transport comandat, fara a se returna suma platita in avans.
    9. De la la data si ora selectate de Dvs. in formularul de comanda drept moment al preluarii, timpul maxim de asteptare este de 60 de minute. Pentru depasirea termenului de 60 minute, Clientul va trebui sa ia legatura cu Compania noastra si sa achite eventuale costuri suplimentare. Daca nu se poate realiza legatura dintre Dvs si Compania noastra, ne rezervam dreptul de a anula comanda fara a se returna suma platita in avans.
    10. Compania noastra are sediul si garajul in Bucuresti. In cazul in care exista defectiuni ale autovehiculelor in timpul efectuarii cursei, defectiuni ce nu se pot remedia la fata locului, vom fi nevoiti sa trimitem un alt autovehicul, chiar daca este de capacitate mai mare, pentru a continua cursa. In functie de locatia unde se afla autovehiculul defect, este posibil sa fiti nevoiti sa asteptati chiar si cateva ore, asa cum am precizat mai sus, garajul Companiei  fiind in Bucuresti. Compania nu va poate despagubi cu nimic in acest caz, fiind vorba de situatii pe care nu le putem controla. In cazul in care nu sunteti de acord cu aceasta prevedere a Contractului, nu puteti beneficia de serviciile oferite de Compania noastra.
  7. Frauda & litigii

    1. Orice tentativa de acces neautorizat la site si orice încercare de frauda va fi raportata autoritatilor competente.
    2. Efectuarea de operatiuni neautorizate asupra acestui site si tentativa de efectuare a acestora, incluzand fara a se limita la: utilizarea abuziva, utilizarea frauduloasa, accesul neautorizat, modificarea, copierea de informatii in vederea comercializarii lor, blocarea accesului, s.a.m.d., vor fi raportate spre a fi pedepsite conform legii.
    3. Orice conflict aparut între companie si clienti se încearca a fi rezolvat pe cale amiabila prin întelegere între cele doua parti. În cazul în care acest lucru nu este posibil se vor aplica prevederile legale românesti din acest domeniu iar solutionarea conflictelor este de competenta instantelor românesti.
    4. Coyright : Întregul continut al Site-ului (imagini, texte, grafica, logo-uri, baze de date, scripturi) este proprietatea PAULCOS SERVICES SRL si este aparat de legea pentru protectia drepturilor de autor prevazuta de legea româna. Folosirea elementelor enumerate mai sus fara acordul PAULCOS SERVICES SRL se pedepseste conform legilor în vigoare.
    5. Continutul Site-ului, integral si/sau partial, nu poate fi reprodus, duplicat, copiat, vandut sau exploatat in scopuri comerciale fara acceptul scris prealabil al PAULCOS SERVICES SRL.
    6. Site-ul cuprinde informatii si oferte ce pot fi actualizate. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL nu garanteaza ca pe Site-ul, serverele pe care este gazduit sau e-mailurile trimise de la nu se pot  infiltra virusi sau alte componente informatice cu caracter potential daunator.
    7. Utilizatorul foloseste Site-ul pe riscul propriu, PAULCOS SERVICES SRL fiind liber de orice raspundere pentru eventualele daune directe sau indirecte cauzate de utilizarea sau accesarea/vizitarea Site-ului sau ca urmare a utilizarii informatiilor de pe Site.
    8. PAULCOS SERVICES SRL  nu este raspunzatoare de erorile sau omisiunile care pot interveni in redactarea sau prezentarea materialelor de pe Site.  PAULCOS SERVICES SRL  nu acorda niciun fel de garantie pentru continutul si utilizarea acestui Site. Informatiile publicate corespund realitatii la momentul inscrierii lor pe Site sau al actualizarii diverselor pagini ale Site-ului.
    9. Utilizarea site-ului reprezinta acceptul celor mentionate mai sus.
  8. Informatii privind siguranta datelor clientilor

    1. Politica Companiei este de a nu solicita Clientilor inregistrati mai mult decat informatiile considerate ca fiind minimul necesar si indispensabil pentru indeplinirea obiectului Contractului. Datele cu caracter personal comunicate Companiei de catre Client pot fi: datele de identificare ale persoanei juridice/ nume, prenume Client persoana fizica, serie nr CI, data nasterii, nr de telefon mobil/fix, adresa sediu/ adresa de domiciliu, date de localizare, un identificator online, adresa de email, cont bancar, o adresa de e-mail si parola corespunzatoare la alegerea dvs. Aceste date sunt suficiente pentru a va permite inregistrarea pe Site-ul nostru.  Anumite detalii sunt justificate pentru a putea procesa rambursarile pe care vi le datoram ca urmare a anularilor procesate in termenii si conditiile de pe Site.
    2. Clientii, utilizatorii inregistrati, vor putea actualiza aceste detalii.  Detaliile inregistrate vor fi folosite, monitorizate si procesate de catre Companie pentru indeplinirea obiectului Contractului sau in scopul de a-si imbunatati serviciile, fara a fi divulgate unor terte parti, cu exceptia cazurilor de mai jos:
      • In vederea realizarii scopului mai sus-mentionat, datele cu caracter personal colectate in temeiul Contractului pot fi transmise si dezvaluite anumitor parteneri cu care Compania desfasoara relatii contractuale de natura a ajuta si a contribui la indeplinirea obiectului si obligatiilor Contractului.
      • Sunt situatii in care acestea vor trebui comunicate catre institutiile de stat (de ex. ANAF), in vederea indeplinirii obligatiilor declarative si de raportare prevazute de lege si altor autoritati competente pentru a verifica tranzactiie, caz in care aceasta divulgare se face pentru a raspunde masurilor implementate pentru prevenirea fraudei.
    3. Datele  cu caracter personal ale Clientilor sunt prelucrate în cadrul Companiei în mod legal, echitabil şi transparent faţă de persoana vizată.
    4. Politica Companiei este de a nu trimite e-mailuri nesolicitate, Junk E-Mail or Spam.
    5. Puteti alege sa fiti informati cu privire la ofertele noastre, prin email sau sms confirmand si acceptand expres, primirea acestora.
    6. Temeiul prelucrarii il reprezinta consimtamantul Clientului exprimat prin acceptarea Politicii de Confidentialitate.   Utilizarea serviciilor noastre in aceste conditii reprezinta acordul Clientului cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal prevazute mai sus, valabil pana la opozitia exprimata conform Regulamentului nr. 679 din 27 aprilie 2016 privind protectia persoanelor fizice în ceea ce priveşte prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal şi privind libera circulatie a acestor date.
    7. Exercitarea oricaror drepturi prevazute de Regulamentul nr. 679/2016 va avea loc in conformitate cu prevederile legale aplicabile. 
      Drepturile Clientilor sunt:
      • Dreptul de a fi informat
      • Dreptul de acces
      • Dreptul la rectificare
      • Dreptul de a fi uitat
      • Dreptul la restricționarea prelucrării
      • Dreptul la portabilitate
      • Dreptul la opoziție
      • Drepturi referitoare la activitatea de profiling si deciziile automate luate pe baza crearii de profiluri.
    8. Respectarea fiecăruia dintre aceste drepturi este asigurată prin posibilitea acordata Clientului de a ne trimite cereri relevante la adresa de email, Compania urmand a asigura răspunsul la cererile persoanei vizate în termenul prevăzut de GDPR.
      Pentru retragerea consimtamantului prevazut mai sus, Clientul va putea avea loc oricand, simplu si fara a fi obligatorie prezentarea unei justificari, prin adresarea unei cereri in acest sens. Astfel de solicitari se pot transmite trimitand un e-mail la adresa:
    9. Se estimeaza ca prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal colectate se va desfasura pana la data la care Clientul isi retrage consimtamantul cu privire la prelucrare sau pe o durata de maxim 5 ani in cazul in care nu intervine o opozitie / retragere a consimtamantului. Datele pot fi pastrate si dupa implinirea termenului sau dupa retragerea consimtamantului in cazul in care se constata ca exista un interes legitim, o obligatie legala sau un alt temei legal (cum ar fi situatiile litigioase sau dispozitiile legale privind arhivarea, privind obligatiile de raportare etc.).
    10. Compania urmeaza a evalua periodic si a actualiza masurile de securitate implementate astfel incat securitatea si siguranta prelucrarii datelor cu caracter personale sa fie asigurate, iar accesul persoanelor neautorizate la aceste date sa fie evitat.
    11. Daca va fi necesar sa folosim detaliile inregistrate in mod neprevazut, va vom trimite un emai sau ca vom suna in prealabil pentru a va oferi optiunea de a refuza acest lucru, daca doriti.
    12. Recomandam Clientilor sa se asigure ca au citit informatiile cuprinse in acest capitol inainte de a se inregistra pe Site-ul nostu ca utilizator.
  9. Politica de confidentialitate

    1. Compania se obligă în nume propriu si în numele personalului sau sa păstreze confidentialitatea fată de terti (cu exceptiile prevazute mai sus in art. 8.2.)  si să nu dezvăluie sub nici o forma si prin nici un mijloc, sa nu utilizeze în nici o modalitate, fie direct, fie indirect, fie în folosul sau, fie în folosul altuia, nici un fel de materiale, acte, date, informatii rezultate din/aferente/in legătură cu datele personale ale Clientilor sai.
    2. Adresam rugamintea oricarui Client care considera ca site-ul nostru nu respecta Politica de confidentialitate asa cum a fost confirmata, sa ne trimita un e-mail in acest sens la adresa
    3. De asemnea, Clientul se obliga ca nu va folosi, reproduce și/sau distribui neautorizat niciun material confidențial cum ar fi inregistrarea traseului parcurs (inclusiv pe internet, rețele sociale) și altele asemenea. Clientul înțelege că folosirea camerelor sau a camerelor video sau a altor dispozitive de înregistrare în timpul curselor este strict interzisă, cu excepția cazului în care acest lucru este permis expres de Companie. Nerespectarea acestor politici poate rezulta, fără limitare, la rezilierea acestui Contract și a serviciilor Companiei.
    4. Inregistrarea pe Site-ul Companiei implica citirea si acceptarea Politicii de Confidentialitate a Companiei.